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Consecutive interpreting and "chuchotage"


In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter generally sits next to the speaker. After listening and taking notes for a few minutes, the interpreter rephrases in the target language the ideas and points expressed by speaker.

This interpreting technique has often been replaced by simultaneous interpreting, because of the longer time its delivery takes. It is still used in events in which only a few speakers address the audience, in a different language from the official one of the conference. To let foreign members of the audience follow the rest of the event in their own language, consecutive interpreting is often combined with whispered interpreting, also known as "chuchotage".



Also known as whispered interpreting, this technique could be broadly defined as simultaneous interpreting whispered into the listener’s ear. Due to its nature, it doesn’t require any technological equipment. This interpreting technique allows a foreign speaker who delivers a short talk to follow the rest of the conference in his/her own language.

An interpreter who chooses this technique will inevitably deal with noises in the background, which means that whispered interpreting can only be used for a small group of people simultaneously.

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