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Do you work exclusively with Italian, French, Spanish and English?

Personally, I work exclusively with these four languages. However, through the years, I have developed a wide network of fellow interpreting and translation professionals. If you are ever in  need of interpretation or translation services in languages different from the aforementioned ones, I will be more than happy to put you in contact with a qualified professional who can deliver the best performance suitable to your needs.

Do you work exclusively in Bologna and its surroundings?

As a resident in Bologna, I mainly work throughout the whole Emilia-Romagna region. However, I regularly carry out job assignments in other countries and/or Italian regions.

How much does an interpretation service cost?
The cost of an interpreting service is measured on a daily, hourly or half-day basis. I should clarify that the quote for an interpreting service is not merely calculated on the hours of work. In fact, it is also calculated on the hours the interpreter needs to properly study and prepare on the subject to be discussed during the meeting or the event requiring an interpretation service.
The quote for an interpreting service may vary according to different factors such as:

For a free quote with no obligation, please fill in the form in the contact section of this website.

How much does a translation cost?

The cost of a translation is calculated in standard typewritten page, consisting in 1500 characters  including spaces, and approximately equals 1 hour of translation work. The estimate for a translation may vary according to the following factors:

  • the language combination (i.e. the source language and the target language of the translation);

  • the text genre (general, specialised...);

  • the content of the text;

  • the deadline for the delivery of the translation.

For a free quote with no obligation for the translation of a specific text, please fill in the form in the contact section of this website.

Why do simultaneous interpreters often have to work in pairs in the booth?

Simultaneous interpreting consists in the transmission, within a few seconds and into another language, of the ideas and messages expressed by a speaker. This activity requires great focus and an intense memory effort. To provide a high-quality service in conferences or events lasting several hours, each interpreter needs to pair up with a colleague with whom he/she regularly alternates every 20-30 minutes.

Who provides the equipment for simultaneous interpreting?

There are several companies in Italy that offer simultaneous interpreting equipment for rent. If you don’t happen to know any of them, I will be pleased to recommend some operating in the region the conference is set to take place.

I need an interpreting service. Is an interpreting booth an essential requirement for the conference room?

It is not necessary for the conference room to have an interpreting booth. If simultaneous interpreting is required, you can install a portable booth for the occasion. Alternatively, the interpreter can work in another room with a live video feed of the conference as it takes place. The company installing and maintaining the interpreting equipment will recommend the most suitable solution to your needs.

If consecutive interpreting is required, you do not need any equipment. The interpreter usually sits beside the speaker and addresses the audience after the speaker has finished his talk.

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