Sworn translations

A sworn translation, also known as legal translation, is necessary when a document needs to be legally valid in a country different from the one where it was issued.

For several years, I have been providing sworn translations at the Court of Bologna for companies, individuals, and law firms. I carried out sworn translations of documents such as:

• Academic titles and certificates;

Certificates of conformity;

• Company registrations;

• Contracts;

• Court summons;

• Documents for family reunification;

• Notarial and judicial acts;

• Personal certificates & documents;

• Powers of attorney;

Michela Candi – Interprete e traduttrice

Socio aggregato AITI - Socio ordinario TradInFo

Bologna (BO), Italia - michela.candi@gmail.com

Professionista di cui alla Legge n. 4 del 14 gennaio 2013 - GU n. 22 del 26/01/2013

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