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Work experiences

AVSI Foundation

Milan, 19th-23rd January 2015


HAUNI Machines

Bologna, 19th August - 2nd September 2014

Confereces and professional refresher courses




Most relevant events in which I took part:

Krakow (Poland), 05th-08th Sept. 2013

Role: President


Larissa (Grecia), 02nd-08th Aug. 2013

Role: Vice-president


Krakow (Poland), 12th-17th Jul. 2012

Role: Vice-president


Lillehammer (Norway), 10th-18th Dec. 2010

Role: Chairperson


Aix-en-Provence (France), 10th-13th Dec. 2009

Role: Vice-president


Fontainebleau (France), 10th-15th Aug. 2009

Role: Chairperson

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